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"I was treated by my primary physician for what she thought was bursitis in my shoulder. She administered a trigger point injection into my shoulder which caused the worst pain of my life, even worse than childbirth. When I returned to the physician, she said she could not help me. She wasn't even sure as to what type of doctor I should see. I went to an orthopedic doctor who had me get an MRI and then charged me for a second visit only to tell me he could not help me. He referred me to a spine clinic which I suspected would want to do surgery. After spending nearly $2000 and suffering excruciating pain for several weeks, a friend referred me to Traxler Chiropractic. Both Dr. Debbie and Dr. Dan helped me restore the use of my arm which was totally frozen due to the nerve damage I sustained from the shot After nearly 2 months, I had full use of my arm and I am pain free. I have learned from all of this that chiropractic care can often help someone instead of running to the doctors. I am amazed of all that they can do. P.S. Traxler Chiropractic really makes you feel at home and you know they genuinely care about you. The staff is awesome!"

- Gail A., Rowlett, TX

"I have been to several chiropractors in my life, most of whom I really liked but, Dr. Debbie Traxler is so far above and beyond any of them! I moved here 3 years ago and lived on a mushy hotel bed for nearly 2 months. I was new here, in pain, out of shape, slow in mobility and didn't know where to go or who to trust. Fortunately, I started seeing Dr. Debbie and she gave me back my life! Her knowledge of not just the spine, but of how the body works as a whole is so extensive and intriguing. She really cares and treats the whole body! I am back in shape, healthy, active and feeling so much better! I HIGHLY recommend her and Traxler Chiropractic to everyone."

- Debbie W., Rockwall, TX

"I have had nothing but outstanding results of pain relief from treatments received from Traxler Chiropractic. For the last 5 years I have been going to pain management, and had 3 neck surgeries, which all seemed to do more harm than good. At 70, I use to live with severe pain all the time, now I finally have relief. I highly recommend these doctors for care from ages 1 - 100....Great people and great treatments with amazing results."

- Al B., Rockwall, TX

"I would like to take time to tell you a little story. I am a patient at Traxler Chiropractic. I came upon the doctors by the grace of god and a friend last August 2007. My husband and I lost our 1st baby together in June of 2007, then in July of 2007 I under went emergency surgery from a blood clot that was in my upper shoulder and neck. I was at the time with another chiropractor that unfortunately moved away. The other chiropractor which was a friend that lead me to the Traxler family. It was here where my life changed. I met Dr. Debbie and told her all my complications and that I was also told that I would not be able to have kids again which really upset my husband and I. She sat with me and explained that she could help me by getting my body on the right tract. I followed her advice and come September of 2007 a miracle happen. I was with child and was healthy. I had a wonderful pregnancy and was being treated by the doctors at Traxler Chiropractic like family, and with out them I honestly could say that I would not have my little angel "Ava Marie" who now is 5 months old. My little girl now is also being treated along with my whole family which consists of one husband, 3 sons( 2 of which have asthma) and 3 daughters (one of which had open heart surgery). We all enjoy our healthy life and thank Traxler Chiropractic for continuing to give us strength and wellness through chiropractic treatments."

- Jina N., Rowlett, TX

"In August I came in crying with severe back pain from L3-L4, L4-L5, L5-S1 disk problems that I have had for 2 years. In May I had a steroid injection that gave me relief but did not last and was very costly. Dr. Debbie has done manual treatments as well as Pro-adjuster to my low back and right shoulder. I also had other therapies along with the adjustments. I now come in for maintenance and am thankful for the relief that I found at Traxler Chiropractic."

- Debbie I., Rowlett, TX

"Dr. Kreymer is great! He has helped me through multiple shoulder and knee injuries during the past several years. The office staff members are also very friendly and courteous. Highly recommend!"

- Mitch Barton

"I couldn't begin to say enough to describe how great this place is. I see Dr. Mike and he's great. I'm sure the other doctors are equally as qualified. Office staff is friendly and efficient. Doctors are great."

- Teresa Cockrell Schneider

"Dr. Kreymer is a trustworthy Chiropractor that I would recommend to everybody. He truly cares about his patients, which is essential in having a great experience at a doctors office. You won't regret it!"

- Jocelyn Barber

"Dr Dan Tracker is the best chiropractor I've ever been to. After leaving their office I feel like a new woman. No Pain! The staff are so

friendly and helpful and they work with my busy schedule. I love the massage chairs before each adjustment. I want to try their cryogenic therapy for my joints and maybe loose a little weight. I love love love it."

- Christie Evans

"Love Dr. Kreymer! Fixed my migraine right up! I recommend him to everyone!"

- Kristy Sewell Kreymer

"Hands down the best!!! Dr. Kreymer definitely knows what he is doing!"

- Melissa Lynn Albright

"Excellent staff and an amazing chiropractor. They take GREAT care of First Responders."

- Jamie Donaldson

"Dr. Kreymer has helped me with my shoulder injury."

- Josh Daniel

"I had some bad neck issues and he got me fixed up!"

- Aj Morris

"Snap crackle pop folks are great. I would highly recommend this family to take care of you in many different ways. I hear the nutrition part of the family is great also. Come out and visit with a great family and co-workers."

- Kevin Millsap

"Absolutely love everyone there! Super friendly and helpful."

- Nisha Gill

"Love the staff! Regardless of the ailment get an alignment!"

- Keela Sebastian Rowe

"I had knee replacement In October and after surgery I couldn't lift my leg to get into my car or to cross by legs. After just 2 visits with Dr. Dan I was able to do this. I'm here to stay."

- Debbie Williams Sewell

"Dr Mike has helped my family in numerous ways, with many family members, even when countless other doctors couldn't. Words can't express the depth of my gratitude."

- Wendy Papson

"Thank you Traxler!! My lower back feels great now!! I've been going here for years and have always gotten back relief from getting adjusted. Fairly priced and 1st class staff and service."

- Amber Conway

"You will not find a better chiropractor team!!! I have been a patient there since 2006, and when my children were born in 2009 and 2013 they both became patients immediately. I trust him completely and would not go anywhere else!!"

- Samantha Jolicoeur

"I had heels spur/plantar fasciitis and the Traxler's took care of it about two weeks and I had pain for about eight months...awesome I definitely definitely recommend their great staff & latest technologies...Thanks!"

- Sandeep Chhabra

"I've been to others and absolutely LOVE the attention to detail these people offered me EVERY time I visited!! Very friendly and knowledgeable!!"

- Irene Slater

"Traxler Chiropractic is beyond amazing! I have been to several chiropractors in the past but none have given the level of care that Traxler Chiropractic gives! And the office staff rocks, too!"

- Sharon Marley Phillips

"Pretty sure Dr. Mike is my new favorite person after this morning!"

- Nathalie Chenault

"Dr Mike is the best!! 5 star rating he deserves!"

- Venera Bala

"Always great care. Very professional."

- Marc Pickren

"This place is awesome and everyone is so nice!"

- Melvin N Keesha Law

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